Recently, I was asked  to recommend a new color scheme for a company that offers personal and business development coaching and workshops for individuals and companies and which is located in Capistrano Beach, CA.  The building they occupy faces some of the most beautiful coastline Southern California has to offer, and  I have often sat in that workshop space looking out over the swaying palms and sparkling Pacific Ocean.

The current scheme was a gloomy orange-chocolate color with stark white trim. While spending time in that room,  I had repainted it in my mind again and again.  So I was thrilled to learn that things were going to change, and would be able to assist.  With my paint decks spread out at the consultation meeting – consisting of a dazzling array of colors and tones – I started as always by asking my clients if they had certain colors in mind, and what their vision might be.  After some hesitation, they answered … “we’d  like a gray tone … gray is trendy right now.”

I realized something in that moment.  So many of us rely on how paint company marketing departments talk about new colors – “what’s hot and what’s not “– with no regard to space utilization, location and vibe.  I explained that for the purpose this room serves and what happens here – coupled with the fabulous location and light – gray would not be an appropriate interior color.  Some very intimate, reflective work transpires in that room, so I gave my client different palette selections that I thought would be a calming and uplifting – creating an ambiance for that space which brought ‘the outside indoors’.

As a color professional who understands the nuances of light, as well as the nuances of how rooms are utilized, I also understand the sales process, being a member of an organization that forecasts colors for the future – The Color Marketing Group.   Colors are promoted with stories, social references to our current environment, and forecasts of how trending colors will resonate with consumers.  While that’s a great way to present color, as a professional color consultant it is still up to me to understand where trends end and artistic vision starts when recommending color schemes for my clients.

Kersteen AndersonPresident/Artisan/Color Guru