In Mexico, color runs rampant.  The wonderful colors found everywhere in Mexican society are a natural extension of their whole cultural attitude of freedom and taking chances.  The thoughtful use of color in Mexico started as a way of living closer to God … “Let go and let God.”  It is a letting go of control over your environment, an act of recognizing that our existence is – ultimately – out of our hands.

The bright colors found everywhere in Mexico – in the markets, the food, the clothes – are more than just a cultural tradition; they are the reflection of the warm and lively culture which is experienced every day. There are just as many pink or green houses as white ones. There are even houses painted all three of those colors!  Color is everywhere, even the normally boring plastic housewares can be a riot of pink, purple, orange, red, blue, yellow and green.

Colors of Mexican Flag have explicit meaning.  Green represents independence and hope; when it was originally created the green stripe on the left hand of the flag represented the independence from Spain.  White represents Catholicism and unity; the white color recognized by Catholics in Mexico represents the purity of Mexico’s faith.  Red symbolizes Mexico’s roots and the blood of its heroes as many ethnicities bonded and created a union of all them.

Living in the Coachella Valley, we see daily the influence of color among our Mexican neighbors. Next time you take a leisurely drive around the area, see if you can spot where the colors of Mexico are influencing us here in America.